Coming Up at Craft School Altadena

Coming Up at Craft School Altadena

Staple Draping at Open Studios. Photo by Nina Ehlig.

Laura Brody spent 30 years as a professional costume craftsperson, designer, and maker. She’s made costumes for LMFAO, the Black Eyed Peas, and Rhianna. She has worked for Netflix, Disney Imagineering, the LA Opera, Disney and Nickelodeon TV, Diavolo Dance Theatre, and many specialty costume houses. Her relaxed, encouraging, and adventurous approach to teaching makes pattern making, draping, crafts, and sewing accessible and fun.

If you can dream it up, she can make it- and show you how to make it too.

Classes offered at Craft School Altadena, 2351 Lincoln Ave, Altadena 91101

Pattern Your Own Simple Skirt or Dress $45 (Friday, May 11th from 11 AM-1 PM)

Pattern making is not as hard as you think. Bring in a favorite skirt or dress and we’ll make a pattern from it- without taking it apart! You can then use your pattern to make that item out of any fabric you want. Want to save money and the environment? Check out thrift stores in the maternity and plus-sized section for clothing you can use as fabric.

Bring your favorite simple skirt or dress to class- no prom or wedding dresses, please! $15 for materials OR please bring 1 yard of pattern or craft paper, a tracing wheel, a ruler, a pencil, straight pins, and paper scissors.

Staple Draping: Fashion on the Fly $45 (Friday, May 18th from 11 AM- 1 PM)

Have you watched the designers on Project Runway? They pin and cut fabric to make designs on the mannequins, and then use those shapes to make a finished piece. That’s called draping. Staple draping is a fast, fun, and simple way to create your own designs- and you don’t need a mannequin to do the job. We’ll use each other as models and use staples instead of pins!

Please bring an old sheet, drapery panel, or 2 yard piece of fabric to class- any kind will do. $15 for materials OR please bring in your own stapler, staples, sharp scissors, marking pens, and fabric options.

Open Sew $30 (Friday, May 25th from 11 AM- 1 PM)

Do you have questions about your sewing or craft project? Bring in whatever you have going: alterations, craft projects, sewing up a commercial pattern, or re-making a beloved piece. I’ll answer your questions as best as I can.

Bring in your projects and a notepad and writing device- you’ll get a lot of information from other people’s questions too!

For more information about Ms. Brody, see her artist/teaching website at and her re-imagined mobility art and art curation at

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