Want to get involved? Here are a few ways you can help:

1. Got fabric you’re not using or a wheelchair or walker you don’t need? Donations of materials are happily accepted! Send me a note through the contact form.

2. Opulent Mobility is now partnering with Fractured Atlas. You can support mobility art and help re-imagine disability- and get a tax break too!

3. Photos of A. Laura Brody’s work are available on Etsy. Profits from these sales will help make Opulent Mobility exhibits and projects possible.

4. Check out the Opulent Mobility site to host a workshop, submit your artwork to the next exhibit, or to learn more about re-imagining disability, mobility, and accessibility.

5. I welcome your ideas! Get in touch about workshops and class ideas, mobility art, and new ways to DIY.

Thank you so much! You rock.

Draping with Robyn Heller and Lucy. Photo by Pam Noles.