Kate Conklin, Bulgarian singer/Alexander Technique teacher

“Laura is one of the very finest educators I have ever encountered! Her incredibly deep knowledge combined with a playful attitude reveals the irreverence and fluency of a true master. I consider myself unbelievably lucky to learn from Laura (my closet is transformed after only a few lessons!) and to have her as a colleague in education. In lessons I get such clear information about specifics, but also about the underlying principles that have historically eluded me. When I’m working on my own, I can hear Laura’s voice saying “Yes, you can do that- and here are some ways how!”  Knowing Laura has totally transformed my perception of what’s possible, and validated what I always suspected was possible but didn’t have a process for- now I have a process.”


McKerrin Kelly, actor/director

“As someone who has been both draped and an audience member at another draping event, I have to say I find both experiences equally entertaining and informative.  Having someone throw an old men’s shirt and a random remnant of shiny fabric on you and then whip out a pair of scissors and an industrial stapler could be seen by some as a perhaps a bit odd or even unsettling.  But Laura’s entertaining play by play keeps you involved and inspired while she effortlessly and seemingly randomly cuts away chunks of fabric, drapes and staples a totally new, exciting ‘instant designer’ garment right on you as you stand there. Voila!  Fun New Outfit! 

…Laura’s easy going style always lets the rest of us feel like we’re capable of creating something magical even if we might not have her talented designer brain. “


 Jeanie Frias, artist/educator

“At the Lummis Day festival… I met a woman who was making clothing for people, Edward Scissorhands style. By draping a table cloth over me, then cutting and stapling, in about 5 minutes I had, like magic, a wonderful garment made just for me! In a couple weeks she’s leading a class in staple draping in Pasadena. I don’t consider myself a seamstress. I can hardly sew a straight hem. But a stapler? I think I can handle that. I’m going to this class!”


Lauren Love, MFA, Ph.D., Artistic Director of the Summerset Festival of the Arts, UW-Baraboo, WI

“A. Laura Brody has been an intrinsic and exceptional part of the Summerset Festival of the Arts since its inception. Her staple draping workshop’s popularity can be attributed to her ability to transform the discarded into the extraordinary. Small children, adults, men and women emerge radiant in their one-of-a-kind creations and they leap back into the day confident and ebullient. Our mission is to inspire each individual and our collective community through a celebration of the arts. We are always thrilled when A. Laura Brody agrees to return to our little town because her work epitomizes the power of art.”


Alice Wenzlow, age 12, actor/writer 

“Laura Brody is awesome and inspiring!”


 Kelly Dwyer, writer/educator

“Laura is an amazing artist who not only shatters lines between fashion, art, design, sculpture, and do-it-yourself projects, but with great patience, encouragement, and fun teaches others to do the same. My daughter and I don’t sew very well, but now we have the confidence and know-how to staple-drape costumes and clothes and have had a lot of fun in the process. I have learned a lot from Laura and can’t wait to work with her again!”



Anthony Tusler, photographer/disability arts activist

“Laura’s rich and complex pieces draw upon older aesthetics to make so-called medical equipment appealing and engaging. Even the name Opulent Mobility makes me question the lack of velvet and fur on my wheelchair. But it is not just the tangible sumptuousness of Laura’s pieces that helps me think differently about my chair. She makes me question why I have such a limited conception of these vehicles.”


Peter Soby, writer/director/social media manager. Peter Soby was the first user of the Edwardian Cyborg Wheelchair “Driven”.

“…It really put my mind at ease that at the last moment, Laura was still doing everything she could to accommodate me even to the possible detriment of her artistic vision. That told me that she had enough confidence in her artistry and knew the chair alone could represent her vision with me in my costume sitting in my usual chair.
All in all, it was a truly wonderful experience for me to have had the opportunity to be living art and furthermore, living art created by A. Laura Brody. Her artistry, her passion and her heart are all amazing things to behold and embrace.”


 Zeina Baltagi, artist

“I have had the pleasure of showing in the first installment of Opulent Mobility, a group show curated by A. Laura Brody. The exhibit was centered on human challenges with mobility and the enhancement of mobility aids and prosthetics….Laura’s art and curatorial work carries the very important conversation of what it is like to live with a disability and how enhancing mobility aids functionally and decoratively influences the person using them.

Much of my own artwork is about disability and the obstacles I have had to face after surviving cancer and re-learning how to use my new bionic body… Laura thoroughly thinks about her audience of mobility aid users and non-users. She is always honest and compassionate in how she approaches others and has the determination to carry the conversation deeper. She has a way of making people comfortable and excited about the possibilities of enhancing people’s lives for the better.”


 Leonard Greco, artist

“…Her (Brody’s) devices might well be described as Humanist contraptions; they ennoble the less-conventionally abled and delight the eye of all who encounter them. Who in fact does not need a Victrola on hand at all times? Brody understands this need and with her characteristic empathy provides such amenities handily. Her work…provides aesthetic and emotional support (and delight) to all who are fortunate enough to encounter it first hand.”




Rebecca Marcotte, actor/director

 “Laura is one of the most creative and industrious designers I have worked with in my 20 years of working in theater. Over and over, she costumed Theatre Banshee productions beautifully on the tiniest of budgets and always viewed the project with the same respect as any of her larger endeavors.
Laura is a director’s dream. She views every situation from a standpoint of its possibilities rather than its limitations. I’ve never seen her look at a production, even if it’s a complicated period piece, and say, “I can’t do that.” She has that amazing ability to be able to make something out of nothing so when Laura is given creative rein, and a budget, the result is astonishing.”


Ezra Buzzington, actor/director

A. Laura Brody’s inspiring costume designs on my deconstructionist Dracula piece called “B4 I Wake” made the production more beautiful and dramatic by 200 percent.”