Nebula Enthroned

Nebula Enthroned

So the Nebula piece didn’t make it to the finals at WOW. I’m disappointed. I truly admire the artists there, and wanted to join them. Of course, I’m spending way too much brain time speculating about what happened… but ultimately, “why” isn’t important. The important thing is that the piece is coming back, it’s going into 2 new exhibition proposals and I can finally show off these amazing pictures.

Thanks to Xavier Cross for being a great model and really getting into character as the Captain of his own interstellar vessel. Thanks to Heidi Marie for the stunning pictures on very short notice, and to Mark Ostrander for all the help. Thanks to David Robkin for intergalactic hubcap painting, mechanical assistance and some truly masterful overseas packing.

And on another positive note…we’ll finally have the time to rig up lighting and an air compressor to the sail.

This is going to be awesome.

Xavier Cross in Nebula Enthroned

Xavier Cross, Captain Nebula!

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  1. July 18, 2014 - Bonnie Brody says:

    Your work is passionate and awesome.

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