New Ventures, New People

I do a lot of exploration for Opulent Mobility, and sometimes I’m reluctant to talk about the efforts in case things don’t work out. Recently, though, I’ve been talking with several folks about collaborating, and they’re such great people that I need to share them anyway. If we end up working together, that will be wonderful. If not, they are awesome and you should know about ’em.

First off is Abilities Expo. This is THE trade show for all things disability related- from products to services to cool dance troupes and artists. The LA Expo is February 22-24. They may or may not have space for an Opulent Mobility booth (the show fills up fast and we only talked a couple of weeks ago), but it’s sure worth taking a look. It’s free, there are fun events, and both the Rollettes and Infinite Flow dance troupes will be there.

I also spoke with Arts UnBound in New Jersey about working together this year. It all depends on budgeting for shipping, so who knows. You should know about them anyhow because they’re very cool. Arts UnBound promotes the artwork of seniors and people with disabilities, providing arts education and professional development so the artists can compete in the arts market.

Next week I’m meeting with Washington Reid Gallery. UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery and Washington Place Adult Day Program supports a vigorous community of working artists with a variety of developmental challenges, which is super cool. I was recommended to them by one of the artists in Opulent Mobility 2018 (thank you, Aragna Ker) and I’m looking forward to see if we can work together next year.

Many thinks to everyone! I’ll keep you posted.

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