I want you to be excited and inspired to submit strong work to Opulent Mobility. It’s my responsibility as the developer and curator to engage artists to help make Opulent Mobility a truly radical showcase for re-imagining disability. So I want to do a better job of it.

If clarity is the problem, I am defining the terms behind the idea of Opulent Mobility. If motivation is the issue, then I am issuing a challenge. This year I will put forth my work with full explanations of what I mean by each piece. I will share links of artists and galleries and fellow creators whose work represents the spirit of Opulent Mobility. And I am challenging you.

I challenge you to imagine a world where mobility, disability, and access can be opulent.

I challenge you to approach the work with thoughtfulness, humor, creativity, and care.

Because if we do not imagine a better world, we can’t make one happen.

In return, I promise to share your work everywhere I can.

Submission details at www.opulentmobility com

Submit your work for Opulent Mobility 2017 here:

Take a virtual walk through of the 2015 Opulent Mobility exhibit to learn more about the exhibit or scroll down to read the full description and collaborator listings!

All photos by A. Laura Brody unless otherwise noted.



Curated by Zeina Baltagi, A. Laura Brody and Anthony Tusler

California State University, Northridge’s West Gallery

“Opulent Mobility is a groundbreaking international exhibit of art, designs and inventions dealing with disability and mobility.

Wheelchairs, walkers, prosthetics, crutches and other assistive technology devices are part of our lives, but they’ve been left in the dust when it comes to custom design innovation and personalization. There are hundreds of thousands of designs for glasses, chairs and technology of other kinds. Why not assistive technology?

The artists and inventors of Opulent Mobility 2015 are Zeina Baltagi, Elaine Bereza and Claudia Barreto, A. Laura Brody, Bill Brody, Elise Jane Carmichael, Laura Darlington, Yaron Dotan, Michael Garlington, Gini, Dr. Ju Gosling, Seth David Isakson, Larissa Nickel, Baxx Vlada Pantelic, Penny Richards, Sandwishes Studios, Greg Schenk, Katherine Sherwood, Priscilla Sutton and Ian Wood.”

For an interview about Opulent Mobility 2015 on KCRW with Frances Anderton of DnA, go to http://blogs.kcrw.com/dna/laura-brody-pimps-out-wheelchairs-and-walkers-in-exhibit-opulent-mobility

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