Podcast and Updates

Me and Medusa. Photo by Heidi Marie Photography

My interview about Opulent Mobility for the Podcast “Who Lives Like This?!” is up and running. Check it out if you have some time! It’s just under 43 minutes and it’s good fun. The sound drops out occasionally, but the information is good and the hosts Elizabeth and Jason are delightful.

The details are being worked out, but Opulent Mobility 2020 will be at Washington Reid Gallery/UCPLA. We’re planning on having a storytelling event and a “decorate your mobility device” workshop too. Many thanks to Veronica DeJesus and Aragna Ker!

Not sure yet if Opulent Mobility will have a booth at the 2019 Abilities Expo LA, since they’re almost sold out of booth space. That’s great for them, and if I can’t do it this year I’ll be there next time. It’s a fun show. The space for Opulent Mobility 2019 is still a question mark, but I’ll keep you posted.

The glamour photos of my most recent piece, Medusa, just came in from Heidi of Heidi Marie Photography. She did an amazing job. The photos were just in time to submit to the next exhibit, “There’s No End to Her”, which will be up at ACE/121 Gallery in Glendale at the end of next February. More details will be coming soon.

Many thanks!

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