Welcome Home and Whew

On the left, a colorful version of the Goddess Kali built into a walker and strapped to the sides of a cargo truck. On the right, Medusa in a wheelchair strapped to the opposite side of the truck.
Kali and Medusa come home

Opulent Mobility 2018 went up, went down, and the exhibit is now available online. Look under the OM 2018 tab to see the show! Many congratulations to all the artists and storytellers.
Annelies Slabbynck sold two photos from her “Mental Mapping” photo series, and the pieces are safely home with their new owners. Congratulations to Katie, Brent, and Annelies.

Kali/Medusa, my solo show at Highways Performance Space and Gallery, is now packed up and safely back in my home studio. Medusa is getting overhauled and finished so she and Kali can be ready to show in February for Goddess/Monster, a solo exhibit through Project La Femme in Fullerton.

It’s been a full month and it’s not done yet. Did I mention that my beau is starting a brewery? After 18 months of nail-biting, Kafka-esque planning and construction time, it’s now finally time for decorating the space, which means it’s my turn to step in.
There is much more to come, including a podcast interview for “Who Lives Like This” with Elizabeth Aquino in January and a bunch of talks about future OM exhibits. But I’ll share that as things get closer.

Merry belated solstice. Do as much of what you love as you can.

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