Who Lives Like This?!

Jason Lehmbeck and Elizabeth Aquino of “Who Lives Like This?!”

Sometimes I stumble across amazing people by asking a lot of questions.

A friend suggested that I find storytellers for the opening of Opulent Mobility, but didn’t have anyone specific in mind. I thought it was a great idea! It took a while, but after asking around I found the three amazing storytellers: Diana Elizabeth Jordan, Liebe Grey, and Paul Ford. Along the way, though, I was referred to Elizabeth Aquino.

Among her many other talents, Elizabeth is a pastry chef, writer, and a caretaker for a special needs daughter. She and Jason Lehmbeck started “Who Lives Like This?!“, a podcast covering the many topics that their fellow caregivers want or need to know about. She was excited by the idea of Opulent Mobility, and she’s invited me to give an interview on their podcast about Opulent Mobility! We’ll be talking on January 2nd at 9 AM.

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